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Brad Pickford

Brad has worked in the reproductive field for the past 28 years starting as an Artificial Breeding Technician before training as an Embryologist. He has created "Breed'n Betsy", an artificial training simulator and educational device for artificial breeding, pregnancy diagnosis and embryo transfer, which is now being used world wide in 33 countries.

Thanks must go to Professor Peter Chenoweth and Dr. Scott Norman, both of whom have extensive experience in Australia and the United States of America in the field of Animal Reproduction. These professionals, along with the Charles Sturt University, New South Wales, Australia, have had a large input into the development, design excellence and refinement of Breed'n Bonny through their expertise, Knowledge and trialling of the product.


I would also like to acknowledge and thank Dr Ian McLeod, Hamilton, Victoria, Australia for his knowledgeable input, and developmental assistance after many years of working in the thoroughbred racing industry, and as a small practicing veterinarian. His endless patience and continued support for this project have been invaluable.


Breed'n Bonny will be available from February 2011, with each piece being made specifically to order, with a 6-8 week delivery time from receipt of payment. Please refer to the web site for the package which best meets your requirements, or phone Brad for more specific details. Please note that the equine pregnancy diagnosis accessories are only available to registered Veterinary Universities.

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